WebSDK 5.9.2 and older Limitations for integration on Genetec hosted systems.

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    The SDK integrations can be deployed in many ways, on-prem, technology partner's cloud, and Genetec hosted systems known as GSC on Cloud.

    There is a major difference when it comes to the SDK integration deployments on GSC on Cloud. Third party software installation is not allowed on the production envoronments. Hence, the integration relies on the WebSDK to make connections and send request to Directory on the cloud.

    There are limitations when it comes to roles, partitions accessibility on GSC hosted instances. As a result, the access to root partition to create any types of entities are only available as of GSC 5.9.3

    Please read the following document to make the change in your webSDK calls in order to be able to create entities on default partition if your integration will be deployed on Genetec hosted servers.
    SDK Release Notes - Allow users without access to the root partition to create entities through the WebSDK

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    @mojafari the link provided is can't be accessed if you do not have a Genetec Sharepoint account. Can you provide access to the document in another way?

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