Differents: Sdk.Workspaces vs Sdk.Entities

  • Hi DAP Team.

    I have a technical question about the possibility of knowing the MonitorID (of all the Security Desk in operation) and the tiles that form it.

    I have seen a concept called "Wokspace", but from what I have seen about its use (in the examples installed in the SDKs), I have the feeling that it is to create modules / tasks / components (in .dll library mode) to execute inside the security desk, that is to say, it seems as if it were a plugin that third-party software develops and that they can dock within the Security Desk, I have seen this in the SDK documentation: (Security Desk SDK Modules allow to add content within Security Desk in the form of task or addon to already existing entities like maps.).

    To use "Workspace, I have to have a class inherited from Genetec.Sdk.Workspace.Modules.Module

    public sealed class Example : Genetec.Sdk.Workspace.Modules.Module

    In this "Example" class, you have to overload two methods called "Load" and "UnLoad", and surely something internally in the Security Desk calls that “Load”, and obviously from that Load we implement what we want, that is, it is like the starting point or invocation to the methods of the DLL.

    If we look at all the examples that come when you install the Genetec SDK, it makes use of the "Workspace" class in those projects that do not generate an .exe as a final binary product (for its simple execution that could be on a local machine or outside), but what it generates is a binary with .DLL extension, and I have the impression that this DLL developed by third-party software is loaded into the Genetec application (as a component or module or task), am I in true?.

    Is there a way to use the "Workspace" class inside a third-party software (generating an .exe binary project), which will be executed on a machine external to the Security Center and Security Desk?.

    In short, how from a software developed by third parties can they access the information from the Security Desk monitors? (next picture).

    ![alt text](bd633395-4f76-467c-a982-1c41ebbc28f6-image.png image url)

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