New Certified Integration: Threat Detection by Aegis Systems (Actuate AI)

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    Congratulations Aegis Systems!


    We are pleased to announce that the Threat Detection solution by Actuate AI has been certified by the Genetec DAP group as having met our rigorous performance criteria.

    Actuate AI real-time weapon detection system turns any camera into a gun-detecting smart camera. The system looks for weapons in existing camera feeds, identifying them with over 99% accuracy. Without an investment in additional infrastructure, any organization can deploy a solution that enables a near-instant response when a weapon is brandished to aid with law enforcement response. In addition, it's a cloud-based system which means no expensive on-site hardware required to adapt their integration with Genetec Security Center.

    Sample use cases:

    • Trigger an alarm in Security Desk when a threat (a firearm) is detected by a camera managed by GSC.
    • Actuate AI detects weapons as soon as they are visible on camera, and before a shot is fired. This provides precious seconds that maximize building security and law enforcement's ability to respond, saving lives.
    • Aegis can be up and running on your camera system in less than 15 minutes. It integrates with your existing cameras, limiting bandwidth usage and maximizing your security investments.

    For further details about this integration to Security Center, please contact Sonny Tai at

    Are you also interested in getting your integrations certified by Genetec? Please review the What is the integration certification? article or contact

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