Getting started with Clearance API

  • Genetec Clearance is a digital evidence management system that helps organizations speed up investigations by allowing them to securely collect, manage, review and share digital evidence from a single application. The application is built with an open architecture to allow users to centralize media and files across the variety of sources that organizations regularly leverage across their operations.

    Genetec Clearance is designed using the “API First” development principle for all aspects of the service. This means all components are developed using our own APIs, which are documented and publicly available. These APIS can be used to integrate to 3rd party applications, such as incident/risk reporting systems, computer-aided dispatch (CAD) application, ediscovery systems, body worn cameras, and more.
    All APIs are RESTful web services and respect the OpenAPI Specification (OAS) which define a language-agnostics interface to cloud services. APIs are built with Swagger and sample code is available for reference in C#.

    Find more information about Genetec Clearance APIs on our Developer Hub.

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