New Certified Integration: CloudGate by Soloinsight

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    Congratulations Soloinsight!


    We are pleased to announce that the Soloinsight CloudGate solution has been certified by the Genetec DAP group as having met our rigorous performance criteria.

    The CloudGate is a modular Physical Identity and Access Management platform designed to manage physical and logical identities and credentials of employees, visitors, vendors, contractors and drivers. CloudGate unites global identities from disparate physical and logical access control systems to provide compliance and continual risk assessment from a centralized platform. The modular workflow engine of CloudGate allows for simplistic automation of complex processes thus aligning identities with properly controlled access across global organizations.

    • Synchronize of Genetec Cardholders into CloudGate portal. Create and update visitor information such as their pictures, badges, and notifying them via emails.
    • Assigning a temporary badge or a day pass for an employee in CloudGate.
    • Activate/deactivate credential of a particular employee based on their vehicle's license plate detection on the entrance and exit of the premises.

    For further details about this integration to Security Center, please contact and 312-610-7700.

    Are you also interested in getting your integrations certified by Genetec? Please review the What is the integration certification? article or contact

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